Centre Court Free Spins

If you love playing tennis then you’re probably ready to be part of the awesome tennis slots promotion happening in the UK at All Slots Casino. Their 77 Free Spins is getting everyone talking and enjoying tennis slots. Centre Court is a five reels, 9 payline tennis slots game that captures the entire world of tennis. It’s an awesome game to enjoy, and it’s made that much more awesome with the UK slots free spins opportunity going on now.

All About Centre Court

Centre Court tennis slots offers great ways to win. If you have three or more tennis balls in this game, for instance, you’ll get 18 free spins and if you have five tennis balls you’ll win 500 coins on the spot. There is a multiplier that pops up randomly as well and if you get one, you’ll have double, triple or four times your winnings.

The Slots Promotion

To celebrate tennis and the awesome centre court free spins opportunities, All Slots is having a slots promotion. The promotion offers 77 free spins on the tennis-themed game after the first deposit. Why 77, you might ask? Well, this brings back the memory of the finals that took place on July 7th. As a reminder of this event, and as a way to help UK slots free spins participants to enjoy themselves on the court and off, All Slots has this great promotion. When players make their first deposit at the online casino, they’ll enjoy these 77 free spins. This particular offer does not work for mobile players.

Awesome Promotions

Keep in mind, of course, that while you’re enjoying the 77 free spins with this tennis slots promotion, you can also enjoy the amazing Welcome Package that All Slots offers. This package includes 500 for the player who signs up, including four bonuses that help the player’s money to go that much farther when they first start to play. All of this offers an amazing way to enjoy slots promotions in the UK and the centre court free spins. It’s enough to make you fall in love with tennis if you haven’t already and to get ready for summer fun.

Feel like you are center court during the summer while you enjoy the centre court free spins during your first deposit at All Slots. You'll love playing the tennis themed game Centre Court and you'll love even more making your money go farther and your game time be that much longer with the awesome 77 free spins you'll receive.