How to Download a Mobile Casino

Downloading a mobile casino to your cell phone is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just follow a few easy directions and you'll be gambling on your mobile phone and be eligible to win big mobile jackpots in no time.

Downloading a Mobile Casino is a Snap

Once upon a time a gambler who was used to playing in land-based casinos may have thought that an online gambling site was an intimidating and complex place. It turned out not to be true - online gambling was and is a piece of cake. Now, if you're about to make the transition to mobile gambling you may be doing so with a bit of trepidation. In reality, though, there's no need for nervousness. Mobile gambling is just a few easy moves away. Before you know it - with just a few clicks and presses - your very own cell phone will become your very own personal casino.

If you've chosen Wild Jack Mobile Casino as your mobile casino of choice, just go into the site and follow the easy directions to the mobile casino's registration page; links like "Getting Started" are what you're looking for. (Also on this page, you'll find a list of compatible handsets.) The first thing you do is enter your cell phone number and pick a PIN code. In seconds, you'll receive an SMS/text message on your phone. Just click the link in the SMS and the "casino lobby" will download automatically. This lobby is your entranceway to the mobile casino; via the casino lobby you can register credit card information, download games, move money around and, of course, gamble.

Once You Download the Casino Lobby, You're Good to Go

If you're new to Wild Jack, the next step is to register an account and all you do is click "Register Account" in the casino lobby. If you're already a Wild Jack registered customer - like millions of other satisfied gamblers - you can skip that step and move along. The mobile casino is strict about age limits so you will need to register a credit card - in your name - which serves as age verification as well as a way to make initial deposits.

Once you get all that financial stuff out of the way, you are ready to play the mobile casino games. Just go to the casino lobby again and find the games menu. Click on the game you're interested in and it will download to your handset in a matter of moments. So whether slots are your game, or video poker, blackjack or roulette are more your speed, you'll be playing it all and competing for real-money mobile jackpots right on your mobile phone in a blink of an eye. Have phone, will gamble is your new motto.