Welcoming Mobile Mega Moolah

This November the mobile casino games players at the finest mobile casino games establishments have seen the introduction of one of the most promising additions to the world of mobile casino games, mobile Mega Moolah has been released the significance of mobile Mega Moolah already being felt. Microgaming, is dedicated to constantly producing new and exciting games. This is true for the online casinos and online casino games as well as the mobile casino establishments and their mobile casino games. Thus, having seen the online success of Mega Moolah it was only natural to extend this success in the exciting form of mobile Mega Moolah much as has been done with similar popular mobile casino games. In fact the introduction of mobile Mega Moolah to the mobile casino is viewed with great excitement by the Mega Moolah lovers, even those who do not usually play mobile casino games. This mobile Mega Moolah excitement stems from the fact that since the addition of mobile Mega Moolah means that there will be far more Mega Moolah players who will all be contributing to the ever increasing progressive jackpot. This means two things: First, that the mobile casino games players will also stand a chance of walking away with grand prizes in excess of 1 million dollars (remember that the progressive jackpot starts at 1 million dollars and goes steadily up! One lucky player has already walked away with 5.5 million dollars from this cool game!). Second, that from now on, thanks to an increased pool of players derived from mobile Mega Moolah games at the mobile casino, the amazing progressive jackpot is sure to increase at an even more rapid rate than ever before for the benefit of both online and mobile Mega Moolah players. It is for these reasons that the addition of the mobile Mega Moolah to the mobile casino games repertoire is warmly welcomed.

The Concept of the Mobile Casino

The concept behind the mobile casino which makes mobile casino games so attractive is that the mobile casino can be accessed easily from practically any locale at any interval. Since the mobile casino offers fun and fast paced games which include the chance of winning real cash prizes, the mobile casino games are highly popular. As with most fast paced mobile casino games, the higher the top jackpot, the more exciting the game. It is for this reason that progressive mobile casino slots games like mobile Mega Moolah are considered so attractive and natural extensions of the mobile casino attraction. Mobile casino games are the natural extension of technology and progress and much as the mobile devices have opened new worlds for people and new communication opportunities so too do the mobile casino establishments provide mobile casino entertainment to those who would otherwise be unable to enjoy such fun.

Mobile Mega Moolah Overview

For those as yet unfamiliar with Mega Moolah, mobile Mega Moolah is a 5 reel video slots mobile casino game with an African jungle theme. There are 25 different paylines and a randomly triggered "wheel of fortune" like game where lucky mobile casino games players can win one of several Mega Moolah progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpots of the mobile Mega Moolah game include several different progressives. There are small jackpots (termed mini), big jackpots (minor), bigger jackpots (major) and the truly huge jackpots all of which are progressive. The mobile Mega Moolah game is well designed as far as mobile casino games go and mobile Mega Moolah players are sure to enjoy striving for the top mobile casino goal which is to walk away a new mobile casino made millionaire! There is no doubt at all that mobile Mega Moolah in it's mobile casino form is the natural extension of progress for the great Mega Moolah game and as the saying goes "you can't stop progress - it just keeps going forward!"