Mermaids Millions: New Mobile Casino Game

Spin3, the great provider of top rate mobile casino game solutions has added yet another highly popular mobile casino game to its ever growing portfolio of mobile casino game content. Mermaids Millions, the highly popular online video slots game has, thanks to the dedicated combined work of Spin3 and Microgaming, now become available as a JAVA based mobile casino game. This makes Mermaids Millions the 17th mobile casino game to be added to the other 16 already offered by Spin3. In addition, at Spin3 they are well aware of the growing market of people using smart phones like the highly popular iPhone. Thus, Spin3 has made a point of releasing a version of Mermaids Millions which is compatible with smart phones. For Spin3, Mermaids Millions is the 6th such mobile casino game to be made available to the iPhone gamers. Now millions of mobile gamers everywhere will be happy to know that they too can partake of the great fun of the mobile casino game known as Mermaids Millions and so the Mermaids Millions popularity is bound to increase. Once more, the collaboration between Spin3 and Microgaming has produced another pearl of a mobile casino game. In addition to the game, the Spin3 team has added a special feature to this mobile casino game. The next paragraph will thus describe the Mermaids Millions game and the special addition provided by Spins.

Mermaids Millions - Overview and Special Features

Mermaids Millions is a Microgaming mobile casino game made available for mobile devices thanks to the collaboration between Spin3 and Microgaming. Mermaids Millions, like the original online slots game is a 5 reel, 15 payline mobile casino game. The theme of this mobile casino game is the undersea treasures of the mermaid. All graphics are designed about this theme. Spin3 has done an authentic job of bringing Mermaids Millions in its entirety to the mobile device. Thus, this mobile casino game boasts the same graphics and symbols of the original online Mermaids Millions game. These symbols include the Wild symbol of Neptune, the father of the mermaids, the lovely mermaid herself (who serves as the scatter symbol), and the much coveted treasure Bonus symbol as well as undersea treasures and blackjack high symbols. The special features of the Mermaids Millions mobile casino game include the option of winning free spins and a special bonus game. The free spins of Mermaids Millions are triggered by successfully winning the scatter bonus with 2 or more mermaids on any of the 5 reels. The special bonus game of Mermaids Millions is triggered as soon as you succeed 3 or more treasure Bonus symbols on an activated payline. The Mermaids Millions bonus game allows you to choose 3 of 10 different undersea treasures. Whatever you find, you get to keep. In addition to these special options, Spin3 has added a new feature to Mermaids Millions. This feature added by Spin3 is a completely new one as far as Spin3 slots mobile casino games are concerned. That is the option of playing the Mermaids Millions mobile casino on a mode termed as "expert mode". In this mode, after the player sets his bet, the mobile casino game automatically cycles through either 5 or 10 rounds of Mermaids Millions. This frees the mobile casino game player to concentrate on other things while still letting him keep track of his games. This is an important option added by Spin3 and one can be confident that many Mermaids Millions lovers will be happy to make use of this new Spin3 innovation. It seems clear that with the new addition of Mermaids Millions, Spin3 is clearly demonstrating that it is very much at the forefront of the providers of mobile casino game providers.