Mobile Games: Keno

Then ancient game of Keno has made the move to your modern mobile phone. Be as up-to-the-minute as you possibly can and play mobile Keno.

Just Think - You Can Even Play Mobile Keno in China

If you think about it, there's nothing more amazing than playing Keno in a mobile casino. Playing one of the most ancient gambling games in the most modern of ways, is really mind boggling. If only the ancient Chinese could see their game now…

The game of Keno is often compared to a state lottery, a casino version of the game most of us have played at least once in our lives. But Keno is like a personal lottery; you get to pick your numbers and you don't have to wait weeks and weeks to find out the results. Keno is a game with a rich background, which is as much a part of the Keno mystique as the rules and the odds.

Keno Has Gone from the Han Dynasty to your Hand-Held Device

Keno originated thousands of years ago in China, during the Han Dynasty. Legend has it that during the Seven-Year War, a man by the name of Cheung Leung developed the game to help finance the Han army, which was in serious financial trouble. The cities of China were running out of food and basic provisions and could no longer contribute to the war effort due to lack of funds. In order to enlarge the coffers, Cheung created a game of chance to bring in much-needed money for the army's supplies. Everybody loves a chance to win money and the ancient Chinese were not different. History notes that in addition to helping to win the war, Keno also funded the initial construction of the Great Wall of China.

Now let's fast forward a few thousand years - from 200 B.C. to 2007 A.D. - and see how far Keno has come. The game may be basically the same but Cheung Leung wouldn't recognize it. When you play mobile Keno you have to predict which of the 20 balls (out of 80) will be selected. You can choose from 1 to 15 numbers out of the 80 that are displayed on the mobile Keno board. This is the essentially the same game that is played in Keno lounges in land-based casinos and in gambling sites on the Internet. The difference is that now, with the advent of mobile gambling, you can play Keno right on your mobile phone, which is the last word in convenience. Nothing is handier than your cell and so now nothing is easier than mobile Keno.