Mobile Games: Major Millions

All you need is a cell phone and the Major Millions jackpot is on the radar. Mobile Major Millions puts you in the running for the big pot whenever you get the urge. Major Millions and mobile gaming form a perfect combination.

Mobile Major Millions - m,m,m,m,m…

Imagine this scenario: you're walking along and all of a sudden you get the urge to play Major Millions. Your computer is at home, your laptop is in the office and all you have is your wallet and your cell phone in your pocket. Can you play Major Millions with your wallet? No, but you can play with your cell phone. The times they are a'changin' and now you can play Major Millions on the handiest of toys - your cell phone - anywhere there's cellular reception and that's Big News. With hundreds of millions of mobile phones in hundreds of millions of hands and pockets around the world, a mobile casino is limitless in its size, scope and potential.

Mobile casinos are changing the way slot machines are played - they've put a capital A in accessible and, more important, they've made those big progressive jackpots even bigger. Major Millions is a 5-reel, 15-line progressive slot, powered by Microgaming's great Viper software. From the start, Major Millions was one of Microgaming's most popular online slots and so it's natural that it's now one of the most popular mobile slots.

The military is the theme in Major Millions; "Major" is a play on the army rank, "major." But major is no understatement when it comes to the size of the progressive jackpot in Major Millions. The pot accumulates all the time until some lucky Major Millions players walks off with a major bundle of loot. When you play Major Millions in a mobile casino the number of players contributing to the jackpot is greater than ever - the numbers are mind-boggling.

Major Millions is One of Micrograming's Major Mobile Winners

In order to be entitled to the big jackpot in Major Millions, you need to place the maximum bet (though other amounts can be won with less than the maximum). Major Millions is loaded with features - the version you play on your mobile phone is just as graphically exciting as the version you may have seen on your computer. The game has scatter symbols and a wild multiplier symbol; the wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol to form a winning combination (but it can't stand in for the scatter symbol).

Keeping with the military theme, you'll see symbols like the Major, the Battleship, the Tank, the Plane, etc., All of these, when lined up in a row on an enabled line, will pay off according to the Major Millions pay schedule. The Scatter Explosion symbol is a scatter symbol, which means it doesn't have to show up on an enabled pay line in order to win. If 3 or more Scatter Explosion symbols show up when you're playing, you've won, so check the pay schedule to find out how much that means. The Major Millions symbol is the one you should keep your eye on. If you've paid the maximum number of coins, thus enabling all pay lines, and the Major Millions symbol shows up 5 times on the 15th row then you've done it - you've won the progressive jackpot. Mobile gambling doesn't get any better than that.