Mobile Pub Fruity is One Great Game

Mobile Pub Fruity is one of the mobile casino games that are currently offered by the Spin3 mobile casino gaming suit. Mobile Pub Fruity is a mobile casino slots game and it is based on the Internet version of the online slots game known as Pub Fruity which is designed by Microgaming. Mobile Pub Fruity is a 3 reel single payline game with several of the options and advantages of UK style fruit machine games. Mobile Pub Fruity is thus a mobile casino slots game which is quite popular. In fact, the reason Mobile Pub Fruity was designed and added to the basic mobile casino gaming suit was because it was felt that mobile casino players might enjoy and appreciate a mobile casino game designed along the gaming lines of a real UK fruit machine. Since that is exactly what Mobile Pub Fruity is designed to be this was done promptly. The result is a very impressive mobile casino game. Mobile Pub Fruity boasts some of the finest graphics in the mobile gaming arena as well as being very popular among the mobile casino gaming community. Mobile Pub Fruity thus, has several points to recommend it to the mobile casino players.

The Mobile Pub Fruity Game

As far as mobile casino games go, Mobile Pub Fruity is, as already previously briefly mentioned, a 3 reel fruit machine game with a single payline. The motif of the game is the pub which serves fruit and fruit drinks. The graphics thus combine a variety of fruity elements as well as several pub elements. This mobile casino game has a hold feature as well as a cash ladder that you can gradually climb. In addition there is also a bonus darts game feature where Mobile Pub Fruity players can enjoy yet another particularly British pastime. The cash ladder of Mobile Pub Fruity is known as the "drinks trail" (in keeping with the original motif) and offers many valuable opportunities for great wins. The drinks trail of the Mobile Pub Fruity is a way for players to keep score and gives them goals to strive for which are beyond the simple cash total of simpler mobile casino slots games.

Active Mobile Casino Player Participation

For many mobile casino goers, there is a feeling that playing too many slots games can be tiring because there is very little active player participation required. Therein precisely lies the big attraction of the fruit machines and hence the big attraction of Mobile Pub Fruity as well. In fruit machine games like Mobile Pub Fruity players can occasionally influence the outcome by proper deploying of all sorts of gaming options. In addition the drinks trail offers the mobile casino player the opportunity to feel that he is playing a game with a challenge and a goal worth attaining. In addition, it is possible to accumulate darts while playing. If you accumulate enough of these, you get to access the special dart throwing feature where you can win random amounts of money. This mobile casino game is thus a well done mobile fruit machine game and should be capable of providing plenty of quality gaming entertainment for the mobile casino visitors who choose to play this game. Already, preliminary reports have indicated that mobile casino players are enjoying Mobile Pub Fruity very much and various player goals are being like reaching the end of the Mobile Pub Fruity drinks trail the fastest and being the fastest to score enough darts to participate in the bonus darts game. Thus, Mobile Pub Fruity is beginning to realize its incredible gaming potential and will probably only become more popular hence forth.