Mobile Games: Treasure Nile

Treasure Nile has made the move from the Internet to the mobile phone and thousands of Nile fans are cheering. Explore Egypt and go for gold with mobile Treasure Nile.

Mobile Treasure Nile's Graphics are Simply Amazing

Mobile gambling can be considered a case of the classics becoming cool. Playing blackjack and roulette on your mobile phones automatically renders them way hipper than they ever were (or than anyone could have ever imagined). Now, some of the classic slots are also available on your mobile, including that great progressive slot, Treasure Nile.

Treasure Nile is a 5-reel slot machine, which means there are 5 spinning reels from which to form your winning combinations. But if those 5 reels are not enough for you, Treasure Nile also has 9 different pay lines along which winning combinations can be formed, as well as a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and a progressive jackpot. In other words, Treasure Nile is a slots game that is loaded with features and it has something for everybody. And now it can also be played everywhere and any time in a mobile casino.

Treasure Nile places you firmly in the ancient, exotic land of Egypt along with the Sphinx, the Nile River, hissing cobras, mysterious tombs, creepy mummies and a whole slew of jewels. Treasure Nile's theme is boldly represented by great Microgaming graphics that will keep your attention time after time. And, because cell phones have come such a long way, technology-wise, these graphics look just as great on your cell as they did on your computer at home. Mobile Treasure Nile is a perfect mix on ancient Egypt and modern mobile gaming.

Mobile Treasure Nile is Packed with Features

Treasure Nile Slot has a wild symbol and a progressive jackpot that you have a shot at when you bet the maximum number of coins. The Pyramids symbol is wild and substitutes for any other symbol to complete winning combinations. The Scarab symbol is a scatter symbol, which means it doesn't have to appear on an enabled pay line to win; it can be scattered anywhere on the five reels provided that three or more Scarab symbols appear. But if you've bet the max, which means enabling all 9 lines, and 5 Pharaoh symbols line up on the 9th pay line, you win the progressive jackpot. And remember - mobile Treasure Nile has a jackpot that grows along with all the thousands of players who are also walking around and playing on their mobile phones. That's one big jackpot! And that's one great mobile slots game!

So there you have it - Treasure Nile is now available on your mobile phone. As they say - denial is not just a river in Egypt; it's also a super progressive slot and you can play it right in the palm of your hand.