Casino Games on Social Media

Social media is for many people their principal method of communicating. Social media is any website that allows you to interact with both the website as well as the other visitors. Some of the most popular social media websites include Reddit, facebook and Wikipedia.

Playing social mobile casino games is seen as the next step forward in the world of social media and there is much talk about creating a social mobile games community among players.    

Social Mobile Casino Games: A Natural Progression

 The online casino was deemed as a revolutionary medium for playing casino games, the mobile casino that was introduced a little later, although greeted with much enthusiasm, was a natural and obvious extension of the online casino. Once the mobile developers developed mobile devices with internet access and connection, it made perfect sense that the casino developers would take advantage of this and create way for players to enjoy playing mobile casino games directly from their mobile device.  

Considering the many hours that players spend on social media sites it has come as no surprise that many casino developers are starting to offer players the opportunity to play fun social mobile casino games directly from their sites.

The Many Faces of Casino Games on Social Media

Free social mobile casino games have become very popular on sites such as facebook and many players enjoy spending and winning virtual coins that cannot be cashed out. These games are usually considered entertainment and not gambling by many of the players who enjoy the games.

The Big Fish Casino that is available from the UK App Store, is one of the first social mobile games to allow players to play for real money. Players are offered a number of different casino games including slots, poker and blackjack. When playing any of the games, there is a synchronous multiplayer component that allows players to see what other players are winning and to chat with them at the same time. This can build a real sense of community and players are also able to add other players as friends, give them gifts or chips and scroll through their playing history to see how well they have performed. Casino Apps such as Big Fish are still in their infancy but are sure to quickly gain in popularity.

Another face of social mobile casino games is the social casino experiment debuted at The Casino at the Empire in London. Using the power of the social media to help guide his betting choices, a winning player was given a sum of money to spend on a variety of different casino games including poker and blackjack. The player had access to a Twitter account and the advice of other players to guide him in his game. Full commentary of the game is provided on both facebook and Twitter and other anyone on these platforms can deliver their opinions on the game play.